Due to the pandemic, informational meetings were held with a limited number of participants in Zugdidi Municipality: IDPs and local citizens of the villages Shamgona and Ingiri and various settlements of the city. The aim of the meeting – familiarization with the online platform – Voters’ Advice Application, which makes the pre-election programs visible and shows the citizen which political entity is closest to his position. The participants of the meeting expressed different attitudes towards the topic of elections, but they were interested in the idea of ​​the application.


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Meetings with three groups of Khoni

  • Friday, 16 July 2021
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Like the previous month, three meetings were held in Khoni in July - one in the youth initiative group and two in the women's groups.

The youth group actively worked on the project, discussed the envisaged activities, considered and worked out all the details, in order to submit to the competition committee for funding.

In women's initiative groups, women talked about many problems that they want to solve, but they do not have such opportunities. At the end, they selected issues that are prior for them and drafted an advocacy plan.

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Domestic violence - how open is the society for the discussion of this topic, what prevents the identification of the problem, how informed the population is about the response mechanisms, whom they address when necessary - these issues were discussed during the meetings in Bagdati, Tsalenjikha, Vani and Zugdidi municipalities. When talking about the problem, it was highlighted that the work should be done with the population in terms of identifying families of risk groups and early response.

According to the participants, such meetings will significantly improve the quality of information and will contribute to the prevention of violence.


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Ordinary working meeting in Bagdati was devoted to the results of the research conducted by the CSO member organization "Equality Now" and also to the recommendations that will be prepared during the analysis of the research.

The research reflected the womens needs and its recommendations should be reflected in the Gender Equality Action Plan.

The head of the partner CSO “Civic Spectrum-Equality”, presented a working version of the anti-corruption regulation. Bagdati working group is considered a lobbyist in the process of approving the regulation.

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“Sometimes a person does not realize that demonstration of aggression against a family member is a form of violence. In this regard, informing the population is very important”.

"We don't even realize that sometimes we can become not victims, but rapists."

“Often, when I hear cases of violence at meetings, I see a way out, I know what I can do against violence. Discussions on these issues help to inform people. "

These were the opinions the participants of informational meetings held in Senaki, Terjola and Kobuleti municipalities. The meetings are held by representatives of the Fund “Sukhumi” and they discuss the issues of identifying violence and responding to the problem.

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Guests - representatives of Lanchkhuti and Tsageri municipalities.

Hosts - Representatives of Khoni Municipality City Council and City Hall, members of the local civil society organization and youth center, teachers.

And the unusual format - the debate.

The guests presented their successful work - in terms of developing a code of ethics and the introduction of civic budgeting.

Khoni working group and the representatives of local civil society organization informed the participants about the results of working on small projects, participating in the needs assessment.

The Mayor of Khoni highlighted the achievements of the working group - spoke about the effectiveness of the municipality hotline, updated website and e-petition. Everything that has been done and what is still planned will contribute to the successful implementation of public administration reform.

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Population is going to plant hornbeam trees in Gubi. In Dedalauri it is planned to asphalt the central road, the residents of Dzedzileti and Gocha-Jikhaishi have a problem with transport.

These are the problems of the villages of Khoni municipality. And the solution was found...

Electronic petition!

This is a modern, convenient mechanism.

A petition (lat. "Petitio") is a collective request to the authorities in written form.

The Internet has significantly increased and simplified signatures to the petition, improved the dialogue of citizens with government structures. Our project “A common forum for CSOs from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi for PAR Roadmap monitoring” also serves to activate Internet resources.

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The forum-theater is especially active in the hot days of July.

The first visit was held in Zugdidi, where young audience actively participated in the scenes and solved the raised problem without violence. The discussion was also interesting. Young people expressed the desire to invite teachers and parents to the performances of the forum-theatre.

The arrival of young actors in Kobuleti was especially impressive. The performances of the forum - theater were shown there for the first time and the audience could not hide their surprise because of this unusual format. It was mentioned that speaking this language is interesting and will make people think...

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Ordinary meeting was held with women of different ages in the community of Koki (Zugdidi municipality) in order to familiarize themselves with the "Vote-O-Meter - Voters’ Advise Application".

The participants got acquainted with the essence of the "Vote-O-Meter", as well as with the instructions for filling out the questionnaire. They were particularly interested in the issues of environmental protection, food security and women's participation in budget processes.

Voters have a great interest towards the positions recorded by local political entities on the "Vote-O-Meter" platform.

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