• Workshops in Gocha Jikhaishi and Nakhakhulevi

    Workshops with young people on the topic of domestic violence were held in the villages - Gocha Jikhaishi and Nakhakhulevi (Khoni municipality). The meetings were organized by activists of a youth initiative group created in frames of a small project of Khoni Women Support Center. The topic was relevant for the participants, and the workshops were held on the background of their active involvement. It was noted that non-formal education of adolescents in this regard is very important, and it...

  • Training and meeting on violence prevention in Poti

    In frames of a mini-project of the Poti Women Support Center, a training was held on the following topic: “Mechanisms of Violence Prevention”. The training was attended by heads of kindergartens, teachers, parents. - What are the responsibilities of kindergarten teachers in the prevention of violence, what is the meaning of gender education of children, what should be done for prevention. Focus was made mainly on these issues and the work was carried out through the analysis of real cases The...

  • The topic - Tolerance - in Gurianta, Nigvziani, Zeda Simoneti

    The topic of the meetings is quite actual: problem of tolerance in society. Therefore, young people with great interest joined the work and discussions. They expressed their opinions, and talked about the problems they face in everyday life. Informational meetings of the Youth Clubs were held in public schools of the following villages: Gurianta (Ozurgeti Municipality), Nigvziani (Lanchkhuti Municipality) and Zeda Simoneti (Terjola Municipality). The project is implemented with the support of...

  • Three more meetings: in Tskaltubo, Kutaisi, Zugdidi

    Three more informational meetings were held in the Youth Clubs. This time - in the private school “Otsneba” in Tskhaltubo, in school No. 33 - Kutaisi, and in the school of the village Ergeta (Zugdidi municipality). The topic of the meeting - tolerance - united the participants, although all the groups were different. Especially it is necessary to note that young people do not have aggression. They showed great interest in the topic. They noted that the lack of tolerance is the basis for...

  • Workshops with students in Tskaltubo, Zugdidi, Ozurgeti

    Pupils of the public schools of the village Gvishtibi (Tskaltubo municipality), the village Orulu (Zugdidi municipality) and school No. 4 of Ozurgeti together with the conflictologist of the Fund “Sukhumi” discussed the styles of behavior in conflict situations. Through visual posters, concrete examples, they analyzed the situations and gained new skills . “I learned how to solve the conflict peacefully,” “I got acquainted with the“ golden rule”,“ I want the work to continue,” this was the...

  • Senaki, Khoni, Poti - workshops on conflict resolution

    Styles of behavior in conflict situations and the peaceful resolution of conflict - this was the topic of workshops with students. Using different methods, workshops became even more interesting. The workshops were held in a private school of Senaki, in a public school of the village of Kontuati (Khoni municipality) and school No. 1 in Poti. Participants learned a lot, including: the meaning of putting a “label” on a person, the importance of controlling emotions, stages of conflict...

  • Medical staff and violence – research of the Fund “Sukhumi”

    The Fund “Sukhumi” prepared the research” “The role and involvement of representatives of medical institutions in the process of identifying, responding and referring violence against women and domestic violence”. It shows the attitude of the medical staff towards violence against women / domestic violence, their vision of the ways out and the recommendations developed as a result of the research. Download The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot für die Welt –...

  • Civil Forum of the Coalition "Woman and Peace" in Kutaisi

    On April 17, the Fund "Sukhumi" organized a civil forum in Kutaisi. Representatives of the Coalition "Woman and Peace" actively participated in the forum. The Coalition “Woman and Peace” was created last year by the Fund “Sukhumi”. The Coalition included 10 women's NGOs from 4 regions of Western Georgia (Imereti, Samegrelo, Guria, Adjara): Fund “Sukhumi” (Kutaisi), Teachers’ Union “Education and the Universe (Kutaisi), Fund of Women-Entrepreneurs (Kutaisi), Women Club (Khoni ), Women...

  • Meetings with couples

    Meetings with couples continue. In April, three couples used the advice of psychologist and conflictologist. Meetings are envisaged for prevention of conflict situations at an early stage. The methods, used during the meetings, help couples to overcome the risks of conflict. The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklunsdienst (Germany)

  • “Turnip” – the performance of the shadow theatre in the kindergarten

    The shadow theater of the Fund "Sukhumi" presented two performances in two groups of the kindergarten No10. At the beginning, the director briefly told the children about the working process. She also talked about equality, since the performance pays special attention to this issue. Then the kids watched the performance “Turnip” with interest and joy. After the performance, they shared their impressions with each other. The teachers thanked the young actors, because a free performance for the...

  • Advocacy – topic of mobilization meetings

    In April, the topic of mobilization meetings was chosen "Advocacy and its stages." Mobilizers of Women Support Centers have been trained on this topic more than once and this is quite logical, as they often have to visit different instances to advocate the problems. This time they explained to the beneficiaries how they can carry out advocacy, which steps they should pass. They were given specific examples and information about the services existing in the municipalities. 27 meetings were...

  • Psycho - therapeutic consultations continue

    Consultative meetings and sessions with beneficiaries were held in Women Support Centers of Khoni, Senaki, Poti, Tskaltubo, Ozurgeti and village Khurcha. In April the psychologist worked with 13 couples, 3 of them were new. 5 couples improved relationship, their family life also improved. The work in Kutaisi is very active, 13 beneficiaries continue to receive psycho - therapeutic consultations. The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer...

  • Monitoring of Law: meetings in Zugdidi, Ozurgeti, Khoni, Tskaltubo

    The research on the views of representatives of law enforcement agencies in frames of monitoring the “Law of Georgia on the Elimination of Domestic Violence/Violence Against Women, Protection and Assistance to the Victims”. The locations in April were the following: Zugdidi, Ozurgeti, Khoni, Tskaltubo. The standard questions were as follows: is there any specialization on violence, how effectively does the law work in practice, what are the challenges in this area. The project is implemented...

  • Conflict and its escalation - meetings in Senaki, Kutaisi, Zugdidi

    Concrete examples of escalation of the conflict and the possible consequences were discussed by the students of the private lyceum school of Senaki, school No 15 - Kutaisi and the villa - of Orulu (Zugdidi municipality) together with the conflictologist of the Fund "Sukhumi". Work with these groups will be continued. The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklunsdienst (Germany)

  • Meetings with the boys in 9 municipalities

    In April, traditional meetings were held with boys in Poti, Terjola, Senaki, Tskaltubo, Zugdidi, Ozurgeti, Kutaisi, Lanchkhuti, Khoni municipalities. The meetings discussed the concept of courage and the issue of gender equality. The boys were actively involved in the working process: there were role-playing games, discussions. According to the boys, the main reason of family conflicts is the difficult economic situation in the country. At the end of the meeting, during the feedback,...

  • Guests from Israel - Office of the Fund “Sukhumi” in Tbilisi

    On April 18th, Fund “Sukhumi” Representative Office in Tbilisi, hosted the representatives of Israeli civil society organizations, partnering with Sweden International NGO Kvinna till Kvinna. Fund “Sukhumi’”s representative has in detail shared with Israeli colleagues the working directions and experience of organization, all successes and challenges on its path. The guests from Israel have also talked about their work and activities on gender equality, women’s political and economic...

  • Early conflict prevention – in the working strategy of Kutaisi group

    Members of Kutaisi Women's Initiative Group actively conduct informational meetings. The public is informed on the following issues: social problems and conflicts, early prevention of conflicts using the GREWS elements(Gender Responsive Early Warning System), the role of civil society. These meetings are important in terms of informing. Participants analyze that their problems may cause conflicts, therefore, timely inclusion and reduction of conflict risk is necessary. In parallel with the...

  • Youth initiative in the project of Tskaltubo Women Support Center

    The cycle of workshops under the project of Tskaltubo Women Support Center continues. In April, a workshop with youth and an informational meeting with the school’s administration took place at school No. 1. Chairperson of Gender Equality Council, Mzia Kikalishvili, was actively involved in the meetings. Young people were familiarized with the question of why gender policy is important in the municipality, what is their role in introduction and implementation of this policy. Young people...

  • Small project of Terjola Women Support Center: meetings in the villages

    In frames of the small project of Terjola Women Support Center, the cycle of meetings with representatives of different communities of the municipality continues. In April, meetings were held in the villages Zeda Simoneti, Chkhari and Chognari on the topic: “Violence - responsibility of society, civil obligations”. The meetings were led by the members of the Gender Equality Council of Terjola Municipality: Nino Dolakidze and Rusudan Kovziridze. Participants received information about the...

  • Workshop in frames of Senaki Women Support Center

    A meeting with a representative of the Mayor in the village Nosiri was held in frames of the project of Senaki Women Support Center, and a workshop on the topic “Alcohol and its harmful effects” was held with the students of upper grades. The work took place against the backdrop of the activity of young people. The teachers mentioned the importance of such meetings and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the meeting, an initiative group was formed, which will take part in the...


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