Three members of Kutaisi youth initiative group took an active part in the training, which was dedicated to project writing. Then they shared their knowledge and information with the rest of the group.

The group has actively worked on two projects that should be presented to the competition committee in the near future. This is their first experience and everyone joined with great enthusiasm.

An information meeting with members of the women initiative group was held online. They named the actual problems of the city, selected the most priority ones and developed an advocacy plan. The group will try to solve the problem, and this will motivate group members to work more actively.

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Meetings with three groups of Khoni

  • Friday, 16 July 2021
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Like the previous month, three meetings were held in Khoni in July - one in the youth initiative group and two in the women's groups.

The youth group actively worked on the project, discussed the envisaged activities, considered and worked out all the details, in order to submit to the competition committee for funding.

In women's initiative groups, women talked about many problems that they want to solve, but they do not have such opportunities. At the end, they selected issues that are prior for them and drafted an advocacy plan.

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Meetings in Pakhulani and Lia

  • Tuesday, 13 July 2021
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Meeting of the women's initiative group in Pakhulani (Tsalenjikha municipality) was attended by the majoritarian deputy of the village - Data Kukava. He spoke about municipal programs. He noted that the self-government is going to implement various projects in the community. It was especially important that the deputy listened attentively to the problems raised by the women, expressed his readiness to help the group in the process of advocacy of the problems.

An interesting meeting of the youth initiative group was held in Lia (Tsalenjikha municipality). The team members worked actively to improve the goals and objectives of the project proposal and prepared working versions of two projects that will be presented to the commission. After funding, the young people will start implementing the project.

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The Women Initiative Group of the Fund "Sukhumi" is working on an advocacy plan in Senaki. Participants discussed the priority of the problems and finally stopped at the topical problem.

According to the content of the problem, group members will try to advocate the problem at local as well as at central levels.

Senaki Youth Initiative Group is involved in the working process, the participants are working on a grant project. Each item in the working versions of the projects was discussed together and the details were clarified. The working process will continue until the project is submitted.

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Meetings were held with women and youth initiative groups in Tskaltubo Municipality.

The Women Initiative Group worked on an advocacy plan. A specific problem was identified as a result of the research. An advocacy campaign with specific activities has already been planned, in collaboration with the local government and the Gender Equality Council.

Youth initiative groups are working on the project. Participants already know how to build a project. They worked on the name of the project, developed a slogan, discussed the refinement of goals and objectives.

Tskaltubo initiative groups will present two projects at the sub-grant competition, each project will announce the directions announced by the competition.

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The Fund “Sukhumi” actively cooperates with the partner international organization Kvinna till Kvinna to advocate the needs of IDP and conflict affected women and girls.

Project Coordinator Regina welcomes the advocacy initiatives of the Fund, which is identified on a bottom-up basis by women community active groups themselves, using the GREWS, and evidence-based information.

The initiative of the representative of the donor organization to be involved in international advocacy was good.

According her request, a package on the needs of IDP and conflict affected women and girls was prepared, which was based on the meetings in women's communities, research of the Fund in Zugdidi Municipality, and covers  women’s vision regarding the measures needed to address them.

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The quantitative results of the research were discussed by the members of Pakhulani Women Initiative Group (Tsalenjikha municipality). One of the most important recommendations is to pay special attention to the initiatives of women living near the conflict dividing line.

The work of the initiative group in the village Lia (Tsalenjikha municipality) was interesting. The topic of the meeting was leadership and civic activism. The participants expressed their opinions: the leader constantly works on himself; leadership is a responsible challenge for each of us; the leader is a person who motivates the team.

The initiative group already has the leaders.


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- Everything that concerns public welfare, is our business - noted the members of the youth initiative group of the village Koki at the end of the meeting. The meeting was about leadership and civic activism. Young people have learned a lot, and the most important thing is that activism is: activity, action, involvement, responsibility, participation, voluntariness.

In addition, two more meetings were held with women's initiative groups from Zugdidi and Koki/Khurcha in Zugdidi municipality. During the meeting, they talked about the level of human security of the population and the researches, conducted for gender needs assessment.

The participants selected certain proposals - for example, opening of service centers in the villages (salon, sewing workshop, shoe repair), solution of social and infrastructural problems. Members of initiative groups will start to advocate the problems.

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Meetings with Tskaltubo initiative groups

  • Thursday, 10 June 2021
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There are two youth initiative groups in Tskaltubo. The group members determined the indicator of their own activity at the meetings and paid attention to the factors contributing to the development of activism. They recalled specific cases related to civic activism. According to them, the youth inclusion will contribute to the promotion of youth policy in society.

During the meeting with members of the women initiative group, the participants listened to information about the questionnaire, which aimed to assess the quality of human security and gender needs. The problems identified during the research will become the subject of advocacy, which will be determined by the advocacy plan of the initiative group from the next month.        

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