The Fund "Sukhumi" Puppet Theater held two performances in June.

The first performance was held on June 1 - International Children's Day - in the yard of the Fund “Sukhumi” office.

The second one was held on June 20 - International Day of IDPs - in Kutaisi Boulevard.

The audience liked "Turtledove" - a new version of the Georgian fairy tale. Interesting decorations, strange dolls, music, sounds ...

The work of the director Magda Chikhladze and young actors showed good results: joy and interest of small audience, positive evaluation of parents. "Turtledove" teaches children love, friendship, support, tolerance.

In May, the work on the performance "Gvriti" (turtledove) was completed: the dolls were created, text and music were written.

Young actors recorded their roles in the studio. Active rehearsals were held in Kutaisi, Meskhishvili Theater.

The main rehearsal and premiere will take place soon - "Gvriti" prepares for a meeting with the audience.

The forum theater and the shadow theater of the Fund "Sukhumi" have always had a lot of audience. Now the viewer will wait for the performance of the puppet theater with interest.

March was an active month for the forum-theater: casting, rehearsals, performances...

After the casting, new actors appeared in the group, who have already joined the work.

After a long pause, the first trip was in one of Kutaisi parks - the performances were held in the open air.

A new initiative of the Fund "Sukhumi" will be implemented soon - a puppet theater will be created. The scenario on the basis of Georgian fairy tale "Gvriti" (turtledove) is already written ...

Forum-theater, shadow theater, puppet theater – this is a variety, offered by the young actors to the audience.

The pandemic has taught Forum Theatre actors many new things: shooting videos, editing, selecting music backgrounds, etc.

Young people worked online in February too. Their work, personal videos on various topical issues, has appeared on the Facebook page of Fund "Sukhumi".

From March, Forum Theatre actors will perform in various city parks and squares.