The beginning, as it often happens, was difficult.

The public administration reform was considered less important in the municipality... but the more they got familiarized with the information, the better it was shown what should be done.

The most important thing, that was done in Vani municipality:

The Code of Ethics for self-government public officials was developed and approved!

Vani Municipality is the first, among the municipalities of Western Georgia in this direction.

The document was prepared by the working group, established within the framework of the Fund “Sukhumi” project “A common forum for CSOs from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi for PAR Roadmap monitoring”.

The code of ethics has been approved - this is an excellent result of project work! In this regard Vani municipality is the first among the municipalities of Western Georgia.

The working group of Vani municipality actively worked on the code of ethics for the officials. The developed document was reviewed by the services of the City Hall and City Council and was also posted on the website of the municipality for everyone to read and make comments. On February 10, at an ordinary meeting of the City Council, which was held under the leadership of Chairperson - Alexandre Liluashvili, the code of ethics was approved.

Plan of active work from the new year - this was the main topic at the online meeting, in which  civil society organizations of Vani took part. These organizations are: "Support 2020" and "Citizens' activity for effective governance and justice". During the meeting, a presenter was selected, who will present the results of the organizations' work at the end of the month.

The conversation also touched upon the third monitoring of the grant competition, in which organizations will take an active part.