Fund "Sukhumi" - at UN session

“I am passionate about contributing to a peaceful, just, and progressive society, in which women, together with men, are able to make a difference through their activism. I firmly believe that peace and security cannot be sustained unless women have an equal and active role in political, economic, and social policy formulation.”

This is an excerpt from Ekaterina Gamakharia's speech.

On March 25 Ekaterine Gamakharia, Head of the Tbilisi office of the Fund "Sukhumi", participated in an online discussion, held within the framework of the 65th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW65).

In her speech, Ekaterine spoke about the devastating impact of the pandemic, revealed as a result of the rapid response research carried out by the Fund "Sukhumi", as well as about the economic situation of IDPs and conflict-affected women. She stressed the role of women and their participation in policy-making, which plays a critical role in overcoming the crisis.

These 12 children live in Saberio and study in Georgian school of Pakhulani (Tsalenjikha Municipality). Saberio and Pakhulani are the villages on both sides of Abkhazian conflict dividing line, which was closed during pandemic.Education was continued remotely. 12 children became isolated, as they didn’t have telephone, internet. Situation in families became tense due to conflict and violence.

Pakhulani Women Initiative Group (WIG) identified this problem. Advocacy was successfully finished: Fund "Sukhumi" found an opportunity, gave smartphones to children, paid money for the Internet.

Advocacy was continued at the central level. According to decision of the Ministry of Education of Georgia, children living in Saberio were given the opportunity to use available internet and 12 pupils continue to study remotely.

The beginning, as it often happens, was difficult.

The public administration reform was considered less important in the municipality... but the more they got familiarized with the information, the better it was shown what should be done.

The most important thing, that was done in Vani municipality:

The Code of Ethics for self-government public officials was developed and approved!

Vani Municipality is the first, among the municipalities of Western Georgia in this direction.

The document was prepared by the working group, established within the framework of the Fund “Sukhumi” project “A common forum for CSOs from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi for PAR Roadmap monitoring”.

This is the first successful result of cooperation with Kobuleti local self-government!

It all started like this:

The Fund "Sukhumi" has been cooperating with the Gender Equality Councils of local self-governments since the day of their creation. Kobuleti municipality was included in this list in 2019. It was the only one, out of 11 municipalities, that did not have a single program to assist violence victims.

The advocacy and monitoring group and Tbilisi representative office of the Fund "Sukhumi" started active work to develop the program.

I learned, I understood, I realized, now I can - these are the words of adolescents after our workshops.

These words express changes in their character, behavior, attitudes.

That was our goal: to teach these girls and boys...

"Teaching Conflict Management in Schools" - this is the name of the methodology, with which Larisa (Lela) Shengelia, conflict expert of the Fund “Sukhumi” is guided.

The rule is following: a group of 10-15 students is selected at school - mostly seventh-ninth graders. A workshop is held with the group once a month on various topics: what is conflict, stages of conflict, conflict resolution at an early stage, etc.