Maia Kardava - her success story

After the war in Abkhazia, they moved to the village, she graduated from school and became a student of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Sukhumi branch on the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

She started working as a computer technology teacher at the school and at the same time at the non-governmental organization "GEA XXI".

Her first project was approved by the “Global Fund for Women”. The aim of the project was to help IDP women from Abkhazia, residing across the river.

It was followed by the competition announced by the Danish Council to support the financial empowerment of the vulnerable population and one more victory. Prefabricated machines for the production of metal-plastic doors and windows, which were purchased in frames of the project, are still one of sources of income for the family, under the constant monitoring and updating.

She gained great experience with the joint project of the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation and the Ministry of Agriculture. The project envisaged the development of honey production and the promotion of small entrepreneurship.

At the same time, Maia Kardava's family cares for 350 roots of Italian walnut and lives with the real life of the village.

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Letter from Melitopol

We lived and developed quite well We communicated, laughed, studied, rejoiced, adored our city and our country! It was before coming of the "Russian Peace"...

February 24 forever turned our lives upside down and broke all plans. Despite the fact that our region is Russian-speaking, we have never asked anyone to free us or save us!

Since February 25, the entire region of Melitopol has been under occupation. Life in the occupation is ... not life, it is survival.

Now some words about the vulnerable segments of the population, especially in villages and suburbs... People have not had pensions for several months, food supplies were running out, medicines are also running out, there have been no social and preferential payments for the third month already...

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24.02.22 - the day that shocked the whole world and all of us, the women of the Fund "Sukhumi" - the war in Ukraine!

25.02.22 - we wrote an Appeal in support of the Ukrainian women and sent it everywhere!

26.02.22 – fundraising to support people in Ukraine began. 54 employees of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" transferred money to various funds to help Ukraine.

28.02.22 - we collected an additional 1500 GEL and bought baby food, diapers, hygiene products and took 12 boxes to Tbilisi, to the point of receiving aid for Ukraine.

We sent letters of support to all familiar and unfamiliar women organizations in Ukraine - with the question: how can we help, what can we do for them?

08.03.22 - organized the action "Solidarity of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" - to the women of Ukraine!" The action was attended by women from Western Georgia.

10.03.22 - started to provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Kutaisi.

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Maka Jishkariani completed one of the courses of polymer clay at the Day Rehabilitation Center of the Women Fund “Sukhumi”. She had never done this before. During the course she differed from others. A few months later, an exhibition and sale of her products was arranged, and she had more motivation. Then she was offered to work as a teacher of the courses. She is already giving her knowledge and experience to the beneficiaries.

Now I have a special group - she says. Motivated, talented, hardworking women, with amazing ideas. They do their work with all their heart. Everyone understands from a half-word. They are very creative, creating examples of art...

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Salome: "My best days are ahead"

Salome is a mother of two children. She lives in Vani municipality. Traces of violence on her life were reflected as a black spot.

For her, it is very difficult to remember the pleasant moments, she can not even remember the concrete reason or situation when violence started. But she remembers well, how the first verbal abuse transformed into physical violence. She was psychologically debilitated and could only be silent. She endured.

They lived together for five years, nothing changed for the better. The husband systematically abused. Life has become unbearable. Salome, with two children, moved to her mother. Stress has left its mark. Depression intensified. During a year no one knew that she was divorced. She suffered, did not leave the house, did not talk to anyone about it.

A friend invited her to one of the information meetings of the Fund "Sukhumi". She could not imagine that after a long time, she would break the silence. She talked about her problem and shared her pain for the first time. She felt that she had supporters.

She could not imagine that anyone would help her. When she was offered to have a meeting with a ps

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In order to help, you must first find the one who most of all needs compassion, support, empowerment.

In order to empower, you need to know what she needs more!

You must offer what will strengthen her most.

In order to give the support more effect, you need to have allies.

This is a brief concept of the activities of Women Support Centers. The mobilizers of the Women Fund "Sukhumi" operate with this strategy in all ten municipalities (Samtredia, Terjola, Bagdati, Vani, Tkibuli, Senaki, Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha, Kobuleti, Chokhatauri).

The "discovery" of a victim of domestic violence remains a challenge to this day. They are everywhere, next to us, in front of us, but it is still difficult to see them. Because they are silent, they do not trust anyone.

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Yellow and blue colors, with mimosas and daffodils, calls, banners...The Women Fund “Sukhumi” stood on the stairs of the Kutaisi theater: the Head Office of Kutaisi, the Representative Office of Tbilisi, Women Support Centers, Women and Youth Initiative Groups, Youth Empowerment Centers, Forum - theater, IDP women groups, women and young people from 13 municipalities (Kutaisi, Tskaltubo, Khoni, Terjola, Bagdati, Vani, Tkibuli, Samtredia, Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha, Senaki, Kobuleti, Chokhatauri).

All together - for solidarity, for a peaceful tomorrow!

Peace at home - peace in the world! - in addition to this traditional slogan, there were other calls:

Peace to Ukraine!

We have passed through the war! We remember the war! We condemn the war!

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Youth center in Kursebi

This audio book was created by the students of Kursebi public school. It is original and interesting, actual and unusual.

Topic: Gender Equality

leader: Teacher Tamar Abesadze-Memarne

Authors of the text: Taia Cheishvili, Marta Maglakvelidze, Mariam Kevlishvili, Nini Kevlishvili, Mariam Afridonidze, Tekla Berodze, Tamta Svanidze.

Sound: Ana-Maria Memarne

Kursebi (Tkibuli Municipality) Public School – here the Women Fund "Sukhumi" has established a youth empowerment center. The authors of the book are active members of this center. They passed a six-month training course on conflict management, violence prevention and gender equality.

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"Today, the Internet has a great place in terms of information, and I think that existence of such a serious information base in this space is important."

"This site collected everything that governmental or non-governmental organizations should do. That is why we must be actively involved in the process of its popularization".

These are some responses that were identified in frames of monitoring.

In February, an internal monitoring of the project "Digital Resource Center for Cervices of Violence Victims " was conducted, the effectiveness and achievements of the activities were evaluated, the lessons learned were identified and recommendations for improvement of activities were developed.

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