The newspaper "New Education" actively publicizes the work of the Fund "Sukhumi". The first article, published in March, presents a mini-film "Gender stereotypes and the role of schools in their elimination."

The second article "Online Conference - Conflict Management and Violence Prevention" is dedicated to the final conference of the five-month work with the youth of Western Georgia.

Collaboration with the newspaper began in February and 4 articles have already been published. The wide audience of “New Education” got acquainted with the direction of work with youth and saw the importance of non-formal education in the process of breaking stereotypes, managing conflicts and preventing violence.

For teenagers, it was surprising that "nicknames" often are the cause of conflicts. According to them, if another name comes from a surname, for example, Antiya - Anto, Mebonia - Mebo, this is not hurtful, but if it indicates a flaw, it can cause a conflict.

Regular online workshops on: "Skills for peaceful resolution of conflicts" were held with members of the conflict management group.

The conflict expert of the Fund "Sukhumi" introduced them to these skills. They learned what rules they should use to avoid conflict escalation. They were sent a list of skills in messenger groups.