This is the new website of the Fund "Sukhumi" - "Digital resource center of the services for violence victims."

This platform contains the following information: services for violence victims, legislation, national referral mechanism, publications (reports and researches), mobile application and hotline numbers, answers to various questions, innovations.

The aim of the website is to improve accessibility to all types of services to protect the victims (survivors) of violence against women and domestic violence.

The website was created with the support of the Equality Fund (Canada) and currently works in a test mode.

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On June 1, a meeting of the mobilizers from Kutaisi, Vani, Terjola, Bagdati, Tkibuli, Senaki, Chokhatauri, Kobuleti, Tsalenjikha, Zugdidi Women Support Centers was held. The participants of the meeting summarized the month's work: they exchanged information and talked about the difficulties they meet in the field in terms of identifying the problem of violence.

At the end of the meeting, the participants discussed the plan for the next month. Their suggestions are reflected in the working module, which will increase the efficiency of the work.


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The round table, which was held in Chokhatauri, was attended by the leaders of the municipality, members of the Gender Equality Council, representatives of the police, educational and medical institutions. They got acquainted with the document  “Monitoring of Services for the Victims - Support Services for Victims of Domestic Violence and Existing Challenges” prepared by the Fund “Sukhumi”.

It was noted that the situation in the municipality in terms of cooperation of local referral entities is not bad. There are also budget programs, which gives possibility to see the victim's problems, respond to them, and help the victim in employment in the long - term prospect.

Insufficient response from the side of the society itself to the facts of violence was mentioned as the biggest challenge, and a serious need for information and educational work was highlighted. It was said that the experience of the Fund "Sukhumi" in this regard will be very useful for the municipality.

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Representatives of the Civil Society Organizations are actively involved in the process of local needs assessment in eight municipalities of Western Georgia. They attended a workshop on online – survey, which was implemented using the google form. The participants got acquainted with the functionality and capabilities of the Google form, the principles of work. Much attention was paid to the transfer of the received data into an electronic list and their preparation for further processing.

The workshop was conducted in an interactive format, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers through practical examples.


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An online training was held for representatives of the civil peacekeeping coalition "Women and Peace" and leaders of women initiative groups.

Training topics: UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the policy of its local implementation, the basics and stages of advocacy; organization of informational meetings with project target groups, online platform “Voters’ Advisory Application” and its use.

The participants of the training got acquainted with the provision for localization of the National Plan of the Resolution "Women, Peace and Security", local practice, challenges, issue of women's participation; they familiarized with the essence of the online vote -o-meter, which will be introduced in Zugdidi municipality for the local elections, as a mechanism for informing the voter. They also discussed the methods of facilitation and principles of working with target groups.

It turned out that the project team is ready to be included in the next stage.

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Khatia Khachapuridze: “I live in Tbilisi. I needed to register my father's land in the village Gelaveri, and I found Khoni hotline in Google ... I was provided with all the information I needed. I welcome the existence of a hotline, because it simplifies the solution of many issues".

Tsisana Mushkudiani: “The Internet and social networks made the whole world more comfortable, not only Khoni. I do not often call on Knoni hotline, although, whenever I applied, I was never left unanswered. They competently provide the information they have”.

This is the opinion of people who are satisfied with Khoni hotline.

The hotline was created following the recommendations of Khoni working group: a separate telephone line was installed, the staff was retrained, the population was provided with information about the start of the hotline...

The idea of a hotline belongs to Khoni civil society organization – Center for Education and Development “Edelweiss” and this idea was implemented in cooperation with the local government.

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Trainings on advocacy

The needs research is completed, the problem is identified, and advocacy process starts.

How to plan the advocacy process, what are the principles should be envisaged when forming the messages, what arguments can prove the urgency and priority of the problem? Online trainings on these issues were held on May 21 and 25 for women initiative groups of  Imereti and Samegrelo.

Participants worked on specific issues, identified the details of advocacy campaign.

The feedback showed that the training was fruitful:

“As a community leader, I should have known and already know about the ways of advocacy. It will help me in responding to problems".

“I got acquainted with the specifics of the advocacy plan. I especially liked the practical part of the training and learned a lot".

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The third monitoring was completed in Khoni, Bagdati, Terjola, Vani, Ozurgeti, Lanchkhuti, Tsageri and Ambrolauri municipalities, which assessed the work of local government in terms of efficiency, transparency and inclusiveness. The monitoring was carried out by the Fund "Sukhumi" in partnership with Imereti Scientists’ Union “Spectri” and the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.

The publication “Public Administration Reform (PAR) Roadmap Monitoring in 8 municipalities of Western Georgia” presents the report of the third monitoring: the progress, achieved  after the second monitoring and recommendations for achieving better quality e-services in local municipalities.

The work is carried out in the framework of the project “A common forum for CSOs from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi for PAR Roadmap monitoring

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Women initiative groups, organized by the Fund "Sukhumi" are actively involved in advocacy for the problems of IDP women, conflict-affected women, as well as citizens living near the conflict line.

They have a systematic dialogue with local authorities, structures on IDP issues, local and international non-governmental organizations. For the given moment, international organizations have become the "target" of the group members.

Nona Bukia, the leader of the women initiative group of the village Khurcha (Zugdidi municipality), had an opportunity to talk to the UN Resident Coordinator in Georgia Sabina Mahl, who met with representatives of local NGOs, IDP women and conflict-affected women in Anaklia.

The participants of the meeting discussed the problems of women, peace and security, Resolution 1325, localization of 2018-2020 National Action Plan, the involvement of women IDPs and women affected by the conflict in decision-making, peacekeeping and security processes.

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