“Prehistory of Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, its subsequent development and consequences” – this topic was discussed at online trainings conducted with the Youth Initiative Groups of Senaki, Tskaltubo and Koki (Zugdidi municipality).

Participants learned what was the prehistory of conflict and how the events were developed. They asked questions: why it was impossible to manage the situation, who was guilty, why did they come to such consequences.

Trainer Keti Vasadze explained to the participants how important the confidence raising is in peacebuilding, what steps should be taken in this direction.

At the end of the trainings, the participants expressed their mood and attitude towards discussed issues:

“It was interesting for me to consider the conflict stages. Peace building always makes sense, I saw the role of youth, we must be involved in building trust. "

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Members of Tskaltubo Women Initiative Group were included in the survey process, which was held in different formats. During the group meeting, the participants evaluated the work done. In their opinion, everyone was able to conduct a survey using quantitative and qualitative methods.

In the second part of the meeting, the participants received additional information on how to technically plan, prepare and conduct focus groups and what should be done in order not to lose the main focus during the internal discussion. The types of active and passive participants, the basic principles of facilitation were considered interactively, with specific examples.

Tolerance and conflict - this topic was discussed at the information meeting of the Youth Initiative Group. Through self-presentation, the participants answered the questions: how tolerant I am and what is the degree of my tolerance. During a conversation on specific cases, they noticed that it is difficult to remain tolerant in a conflict situation, it is necessary to apologize, forgive, forget the insult. According to them, any person should feel responsibility, respect others - this will reduce conflict situations in society.

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On May 14, another final conference was held online with participation of representatives of local self-government.

The project participants shared the experience gained in the process of implementing the “Voter’s Advice Application” and talked about the introduction and use of a similar platform during future elections.

The guests were actively involved in the discussion and expressed their opinions regarding the importance of the application in terms of informing the population and increasing political trust, as well as the need for its introduction during the elections of local self-government and prospects for the future. They also stressed the importance of cooperating with local media.

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Violence victim faces many problems.

It is not a secret that the state can offer only temporary shelter and legal responsibility for the rapist. After leaving the shelter, the victim, with the minor children, is in the hardest situation and the friendship network is vital for her. It gives her a feeling of more or less stability and security.

 The Fund “Sukhumi” has always expressed an idea of ​​multidisciplinary cooperation and coordination in order to respond to the problem of violence against women and domestic violence. Number of round tables, information meetings or civil forums were held, permanently emphasizing proper coordination and consolidation of resources in the field of violence prevention, especially in direction of victim assistance.

The Fund "Sukhumi" has established the following model - a non-formal group is successfully functioning. It is conditionally called the social partners network for victim assistance.

It includes: specialists of social directions of the fund, psychologist, lawyer; social service structures of local self-government, especially the Department for the Protection of Children’s Rights;

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Active Citizen – Accountable Government” and Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Centre – are the local partners of the project in Tsageri municipality.

The fund of women entrepreneurs conducted a meeting with representatives of these organizations. The work that will be carried out to assess the needs of the population (questionnaires, in-depth interviews, focus groups) was considered.

The organizations started working on small projects under the sub-grants component in May. The meeting also agreed a plan-schedule for the implementation of small projects, according to which monitoring will be carried out.

The project “A common forum for CSOs from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi for PAR Roadmap monitoring” is implemented by the Fund “Sukhumi” in partnership with Imereti Scientists” Union “Spectri” and the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.

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Mobilizers of Women Support Centers of the Fund "Sukhumi" meet with representatives of different groups of society. Informational meetings were held in the municipalities of Kobuleti, Zugdidi, Terjola, Bagdati and Vani. The participants of the meetings listened to information about the problem of violence and programs that act in direction of victim assistance and support. They also focused on the problems existing in the communities and ways to solve them. The mobilizers highlighted the issues for advocacy.

The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot

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local partners in  Ambrolauri municipality are Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Self-Government Resource Center and Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti “Regional Hub – Abkhazinterkont”. The Fund for Women Entrepreneurs met with these organizations and discussed the work to be done.

Organizations should conduct questionnaires, in-depth interviews, focus groups - based on the received materials, the needs of the population will be evaluated. The working meeting also discussed the plan-schedule for the implementation of small projects that were recently financed.

The project “A common forum for CSOs from Guria, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi for PAR Roadmap monitoring” is implemented by the Fund “Sukhumi” in partnership with Imereti Scientists” Union “Spectri” and the Fund of Women Entrepreneurs.

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What difficulties accompanied the survey process, what experience was gained and how satisfactory are the results - the participants of the meeting of Senaki Women's Initiative Group shared the opinions with each other during the feedback.

- I didn't have any experience, I got involved in the survey process for the first time and gained valuable practice, I differently saw the problems that worried women.

- It is not easy to conduct focus groups, manage a group, facilitate. But I was able to do it. All participants were actively involved in the process.

After the exchange of opinions, the participants received relevant recommendations, which will further strengthen their technical skills.

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“It is necessary to talk about these topics at our age”, “Non-formal education gives us what we do not receive at school”, “I will definitely share this knowledge with everyone” - this is the feedback from the participants at the end of the training.

In the first half of May, 5 online trainings were held with young people from  Tsalenjikha, Chokhatauri, Bagdati, Zugdidi and Senaki municipalities on the following topics: reasons of conflict, tolerance and bullying.

Groups like this format, they are motivated and active, they are involved in discussions. Their frankness should be noted. Leaders are ready to hold informational meetings with peers and share their knowledge. They choose topics out of three directions presented at the training, and most important is that they are very serious and responsible towards their work.

Live meetings would be much more interesting with group work and role-games, but the Covid pandemic does not yet provide such an opportunity.