This is the room of the day rehabilitation center. Courses on polymer clay are held here.

This time the work is interrupted by the psychologist's conversation. The psychologist of the Fund "Sukhumi" - Manana Gotsiridze conducts individual conversations with women. They have a lot of questions and always get competent answers.

And today the topic of conversation with the group is stress and advice from a psychologist:

In this hard period, each of us has felt stress. There is no escape from stress. In such a situation, it is necessary to be able to control emotions, otherwise emotions will begin to control us. There are two golden rules to avoid stress:

Rule No 1. Calm down, give an opportunity to the brain, to take control over the body and organs of speech.

Rule # 2. Focus and direct energy on the things that are necessary to be done.

The main mission of the day rehabilitation center is to protect the victim of violence. Therefore, the Fund "Sukhumi" is constantly looking for Companions, supporters, to promote the solution of the problems of beneficiaries.

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Fund "Sukhumi" and the Agency for the Assistance to Victims of violence and Trafficking.

According to the memorandum, the Fund provides psychological and legal assistance, professional courses, support of a social worker and service of a rehabilitation center in Kutaisi.

The agency offers the victim a variety of services, including: psychological, social and legal assistance, temporary accommodation in the shelter, crisis center services and a consultative hotline (116 006) in eight languages.

According to the memorandum, the parties will provide each other with proper assistance in protecting the victim of violence / potential victim.

The day rehabilitation center resumed its active work. At the end of May, new groups were composed - one part of women is studying the work with polymer clay, and the second will pass accounting courses.

The experience of the day center has shown its effectiveness. Occupational therapy is very important for women who are the victims of violence. It increases employment prospects. Along with studying the new profession, the beneficiaries have the opportunity to receive psychological and legal consultations and rehabilitation.