The psychologist and lawyer of the Fund "Sukhumi” are called right people. Their advice and help is essential in solving problems for many people.

During a month consultative services carried out active work the Women's Support Centers, - there were live meetings and remote consultations. Thus, 43 people received assistance.

In addition, the work was carried out with members of four crisis families. 17 beneficiaries passed individual therapy with a psychologist, a lawyer consulted 7 people.

The results are clear: resolved problems, overcome stress, peace in the family ... Based on this, a psychologist and a lawyer are really the right people for those who need help.


This is the room of the day rehabilitation center. Courses on polymer clay are held here.

This time the work is interrupted by the psychologist's conversation. The psychologist of the Fund "Sukhumi" - Manana Gotsiridze conducts individual conversations with women. They have a lot of questions and always get competent answers.

And today the topic of conversation with the group is stress and advice from a psychologist:

In this hard period, each of us has felt stress. There is no escape from stress. In such a situation, it is necessary to be able to control emotions, otherwise emotions will begin to control us. There are two golden rules to avoid stress:

Rule No 1. Calm down, give an opportunity to the brain, to take control over the body and organs of speech.

Rule # 2. Focus and direct energy on the things that are necessary to be done.

Mobilizers of the Women Support Centers of the Fund "Sukhumi" hold monthly informational meetings with representatives of various communities and discuss mechanisms for responding to violence.

In July, the meetings were held interactively in Chokhatauri, Tkibuli and Samtredia municipalities. The participants highlighted the problems in this regard. A lawyer and psychologist of the Fund "Sukhumi" were involved in the work.

In parallel with the facts of violence, social problems were also raised and women activists decided to advocate them.

Another online round table was held in Tkibuli. Referral entities: members of the City Council Gender Equality Council, representatives of local self-government and police, kindergartens, schools, educational resource center, medical staff attended the meeting. They got acquainted with the presentation of the research of the Fund “Sukhumi” aimed at monitoring of the services available to victims and discussed the developed recommendations. During the meeting, they also spoke about the statistics of arresting orders in Tkibuli municipality, identification of violence and the services for victims’ assistance.

The Monitoring and Advocacy Group of the Fund "Sukhumi" is actively working on qualitative research. The topic of the research is: Challenges related to services offered to women victims of violence (in the field of child care services); Experience in promoting employment and economic activity; Barriers for women victims of violence after leaving the shelter / crisis center.

During the research process interesting information was collected about the services provided by the public and non-governmental sectors.


Online round table was attended by local entities of Tsalenjikha municipality: members of the City Council Gender Equality Council, representatives of local self-government and police, kindergartens and schools, an educational resource center, and medical staff. There was a presentation of the research conducted by the Fund "Sukhumi" on monitoring of services for violence victims. The conversation touched upon important issues: statistics of arresting orders in the area of the municipality, identification of problems, the situation in terms of assistance to the victim...

Domestic violence - how open is the society for the discussion of this topic, what prevents the identification of the problem, how informed the population is about the response mechanisms, whom they address when necessary - these issues were discussed during the meetings in Bagdati, Tsalenjikha, Vani and Zugdidi municipalities. When talking about the problem, it was highlighted that the work should be done with the population in terms of identifying families of risk groups and early response.

According to the participants, such meetings will significantly improve the quality of information and will contribute to the prevention of violence.


“Sometimes a person does not realize that demonstration of aggression against a family member is a form of violence. In this regard, informing the population is very important”.

"We don't even realize that sometimes we can become not victims, but rapists."

“Often, when I hear cases of violence at meetings, I see a way out, I know what I can do against violence. Discussions on these issues help to inform people. "

These were the opinions the participants of informational meetings held in Senaki, Terjola and Kobuleti municipalities. The meetings are held by representatives of the Fund “Sukhumi” and they discuss the issues of identifying violence and responding to the problem.

The forum-theater is especially active in the hot days of July.

The first visit was held in Zugdidi, where young audience actively participated in the scenes and solved the raised problem without violence. The discussion was also interesting. Young people expressed the desire to invite teachers and parents to the performances of the forum-theatre.

The arrival of young actors in Kobuleti was especially impressive. The performances of the forum - theater were shown there for the first time and the audience could not hide their surprise because of this unusual format. It was mentioned that speaking this language is interesting and will make people think...

At the initiative of the Fund "Sukhumi" representatives of local referral entities:  members of Gender Equality Council, representatives of local self-government and the police gathered at the round table in Senaki. There was a presentation of a research on monitoring of services for victims of violence, conducted by the Fund "Sukhumi".

At the meeting, there was a conversation regarding the situation in the municipality in terms of violence, prevention of violence against women / domestic violence and victims’ protection. The emphasis was placed on cooperation with local structures.