Three meetings were held online with members of the initiative group of Zugdidi municipality.

During the meeting with Koki / Khurcha group, the issue of creating comfortable conditions for recreation and entertainment for the youth of Koki community and their families was raised. The group has developed and approved an advocacy plan and will begin an active campaign in this regard in September.

As a result of advocacy, Zugdidi women initiative group decided to clean the territory adjacent to the IDP settlement from weeds. The meeting was devoted to this issue.

The third meeting took place with Koki youth initiative group. The participants spoke about the project financed through the sub-grant of the Fund “Sukhumi. The project will promote to a healthy lifestyle. 


The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

With the support of sub-grants of the Fund "Sukhumi", two projects were financed in Tskaltubo. Youth initiative groups begin to actively work in this direction. The projects, the implementation of which are planned by young people, aim to activate youth groups living in Tskaltubo municipality, inform them about environmental issues, self-government programs and include them in the processes taking place in the municipality.

The women initiative group begins to advocate the problems: the lack of awareness of the population about local programs. After a general discussion, the advocacy plan was approved. Some advocated activities will begin in September.


Проект осуществляется при поддержке USAID

There are interesting innovations in the activities of Senaki youth group. The group members will try to establish interaction with the youth through a new project. The project contains various activities. Youth, using their messages will tell the public about their interests.

The women initiative group will try to advocate an urgent problem - the safe movement of residents at the crossroads in the "military town". The members of the group, together with the self-government, will try to advocate this problem at the central level.


The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

The project implementation period for Kutaisi initiative group has come – during an online meeting, the participants got acquainted with the final version of the project. They planned activities and developed work steps. Each participant was especially active, since the desire of the group members is to successfully complete the project they have developed.

Despite the fact that the meeting of Kutaisi Women Initiative Group was online, it was quite active. The participants reviewed advocacy plans, rules for preparing an application / letter, addressees. They will begin the process of problem advocacy in the near future.


The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

Two online meetings were held with women initiative groups. The meeting was attended by representatives of local self-government. They heard the information about the problems that the groups are going to advocate. Representatives of the local government promised to provide assistance in the advocacy process, since the problems identified by the group are also actual for them.

Women initiative groups will start an advocacy campaign, and the youth initiative group will start a small project. During online meeting, the team members again reviewed and discussed the projects and the work plan to be implemented.

The project is implemented with the support of the USAID

The research: “Needs Assessment of Women and Youth according to the Gender Responsive Early Warning System (GREWS)” was carried out in 6 municipalities (Kutaisi, Khoni, Tskaltubo, Senaki, Tsalenjikha, Zugdidi),

This system is an important tool for early response to the society's problems in terms of improving the quality of human security.

1024 people took part in the quantitative research, in addition, 24 focus group meetings and 24 in-depth interviews were held.

In July Women Initiative Groups developed advocacy plans, and advocacy campaigns based on identified needs are planned in August – September.

Three members of Kutaisi youth initiative group took an active part in the training, which was dedicated to project writing. Then they shared their knowledge and information with the rest of the group.

The group has actively worked on two projects that should be presented to the competition committee in the near future. This is their first experience and everyone joined with great enthusiasm.

An information meeting with members of the women initiative group was held online. They named the actual problems of the city, selected the most priority ones and developed an advocacy plan. The group will try to solve the problem, and this will motivate group members to work more actively.

Like the previous month, three meetings were held in Khoni in July - one in the youth initiative group and two in the women's groups.

The youth group actively worked on the project, discussed the envisaged activities, considered and worked out all the details, in order to submit to the competition committee for funding.

In women's initiative groups, women talked about many problems that they want to solve, but they do not have such opportunities. At the end, they selected issues that are prior for them and drafted an advocacy plan.

Meeting of the women's initiative group in Pakhulani (Tsalenjikha municipality) was attended by the majoritarian deputy of the village - Data Kukava. He spoke about municipal programs. He noted that the self-government is going to implement various projects in the community. It was especially important that the deputy listened attentively to the problems raised by the women, expressed his readiness to help the group in the process of advocacy of the problems.

An interesting meeting of the youth initiative group was held in Lia (Tsalenjikha municipality). The team members worked actively to improve the goals and objectives of the project proposal and prepared working versions of two projects that will be presented to the commission. After funding, the young people will start implementing the project.

During the meeting of Zugdidi women initiative group and Koki/Khurcha women's group (Zugdidi municipality), they discussed the problems that were revealed by the research of gender needs assessment, conducted in the municipality. The women's groups have selected the most actual issues and have planned an advocacy campaign to be carried out together with the local government.

The main issue at the meeting of the youth initiative group of the village Koki (Zugdidi municipality), was to improve the project proposal. During the training, held in Kutaisi, young people studied how to turn an interesting idea into a project. The result is already observed: they have prepared two projects, which will soon be considered by a special commission